Do you get stressed out often? Of course, everyone in the modern hustle-bustle life often gets stress and anxiety that would immediately reduce the happiness in life. To make your mind more enjoyable, it is best to listen to music. Lots of options are available for enjoying the music on the go.  With the use of the mp3-app, it is easier for enjoying the HD quality music when you like to travel or on your leisure time without any hassle. This is one of the most powerful audio player and the completely perfect option for your Android in the most efficient aspects without any hassle. Of course, you could easily find the music on your device and choose the varied format based on the quality range. In fact, it is a much easier option for managing your own music list to the maximum level. This mp3-app not only shows you the music list but also helps you to build the favourite playlist without any hassle easily. With the use of this technique, you could listen to them often without searching the whole music player. Now you also have the better option for changing the background skins on your mp3-app so that this would be a suitable solution for making your app look more enjoyable. With the customization feature, it is quite an option for gaining the user-friendly aspects while using this app. you could easily browse for your favourite songs on the device is much faster aspects, and it has been enabled with the user-friendly designed application. In fact, you could easily choose your song based on the wide search category that includes the genre, album, artist and many others on the mp3-app. Therefore it is considered as the best choice for the people to enjoy the music accordingly. Playing your favourite song in this ultimate audio player would be a suitable option for reducing your stress. 


  • Amazing background skins for your music player
  • Browse and play songs
  • User friendly designed app
  • Create or edit your own playlist 
  • Play in your preferred format - MP3, OTA, MIDI, MP2, M4A and many others
  • graphic equalizer for stabilizing the sound 
  • Browse based on categories - genres, songs, albums, artists, and more
  • Sleep timer for turning off your player

Apk Version: 

  • V3.0.7
  • V3.0.6
  • V3.0.5
  • V3.0.3
  • V3.0.2
  • V3.0.0